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Infographic – Six Generative A.I. Applications

Chart: Six industrial applications of generative A.I.

Click on image for full-size view (CB Insights)

25 Mar. 2023. Generative artificial intelligence is a much discussed and debated recent topic for its ability to simulate human creative work, such as writing and image generation. This week, the technology intelligence company CB Insights issued a report (registration required) that examines more uses for generative A.I. in business, and its growth record so far.

As our infographic indicates, generative A.I. can be applied in a range of industries, particularly in design and discovery functions. CB Insights reports global venture investments in A.I. jumped from $1.55 billion in 2021 to $2.65 billion in 2022, with the number of deals inching up from 105 to 110. As reported last week, venture investments in A.I. of any kind declined in 2022, although showing signs of life in the fourth quarter.

Generative A.I. companies appear to be just getting started in raising funds. CB Insights says about two-thirds of the 250+ companies working in generative A.I. have not yet attracted outside equity capital (33%), or raised angel or seed rounds (35%). In the past two years, funding for generative A.I. is going to companies developing human-machine and other automated interfaces, followed by text processing — e.g., summations and content generation — and visual media.

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