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Effective Ways to Enhance Internet Security in 2023

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28 Mar. 2023. Enhancing internet safety in 2023 is more important than ever before. Cybercrime and things not worth mentioning are rife today. So, here are some expert tips to help keep you safe.

Use a Reliable VPN Package

Use a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing the internet to encrypt your online traffic and protect your privacy. If you are wondering how to browse anonymously 100%, sorry, but it isn’t possible. But apps like VPNs are a huge advantage. They cannot keep you totally safe, but they will prevent trackers, cookie access, and other things hackers use to identify you. When you use a VPN, your internet service provider cannot see your browsing history or your IP.

Make Sure to Use Complex Access

Many hackers or people who illegally get into your information can guess your passwords or use software to do it for them. Make sure each online account has a strong, unique password, and if you can turn on two-factor security. Use a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters for your password. And give each account a different password. Using 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second step, which is great for securing finances.

Enhancing Internet Safety Means Staying Secure

If you don’t know much about computer security, you’re not alone. In fact, one study found that 47% of adults don’t know that people can look at their browsing data. Stay safe with a good browser and set its security settings to block pop-ups, turn off JavaScript, and delete cookies. And often clear your browsing data. Install antivirus software on your phone, gaming devices and PC, and keep them up to date. And watch out for emails or attachments from strangers.

Install Parental Control to Keep the Kids Safe

You should use parental control software to keep an eye on and limit your children’s online actions, such as the websites they visit and the amount of time they spend online. Parental control software can block access to certain websites or groups of websites, like social media, games, or sites with adult content. Some parental control software also has GPS tracking so you can keep track of where your kids are. Look for a service that won’t keep your information.

Backup Important Data Often

Backup your important data and files on a regular basis to a portable hard drive or a cloud storage service to keep them from getting lost or damaged. You can back up your files and data to an external hard drive that is connected to your computer. This choice gives you a physical backup and makes it easy to move files from one device to another. You can also use a cloud storage tool like Google Drive to back up your files and data, so they are available at all times.


Enhancing internet safety is an ongoing battle these days. But you can help yourself with a reliable VPN app, keeping your devices secure and backing up your sensitive data often.

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