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Make Your Team Feel Valued

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(Fauxels, Pexels.

25 July 2023. If you want to start creating a successful growth strategy, you’ve got to start embedding a sense of togetherness with your teams. The concept of team value is something that we should remember is critical to productivity, engagement, and staff retention. While there are many different ways to make sure your team feels valued, here are some of the best:

Offer the Perks

It’s important to remember that if you want your team to work together effectively and improve autonomy, you have to give them the things that actually make them feel secure in the role. Paid time off is something that every business should offer in some capacity, and while those beginner companies may wonder how does paid time off work for them, if they can start to create an enticing holiday package, this will give your team a greater sense of security. Employees who have very little holiday and very little pay, as well as those that work freelance for companies, may not feel part of the team because they’re not being given the things that offer them a sense of fairness, especially if the company is paying full-time staff a great wage and providing sufficient holiday. An organization should foster team spirit even for those that are working by themselves, and this is where the perks will make a massive difference.

Express Gratitude

A very basic thing, but expressing your gratitude for the work your team does will ensure they feel valued. Gratitude is not just about thanking people once in a blue moon, but it’s about highlighting regular gratitude and specific gratitude to show your workers that it is genuine positive feedback. You can express your gratitude if a team is pulling together in the right direction to complete one major task, but also smaller doses of gratitude for day-to-day achievements also work very well. There’s a number of ways to showcase gratitude, whether it’s a simple thank-you email or something a lot bigger than that, for example, pizza!

Don’t Just Focus on Success

We have to reward efforts, not just the final product. One of the most demoralizing aspects of a workplace is when the focus is purely on what the end result is. It’s important that your team sees you value the efforts they are putting in, even if the goal is a long way off. A very simple morale builder, but it will ensure that they feel better in doing the work and will be more productive while they are doing it.

Positive Feedback

It’s essential to pass on positive feedback if you notice someone doing something well. Organizations that don’t give positive feedback to their employees run the risk of alienating them because those employees don’t know where they stand. If you notice a team member doing well, offering very supportive and constructive feedback will stimulate a bit more allegiance to the team as well as the business.

If you want to make your team feel better, you’ve got to make sure they feel valued. As simple as this is, there are many organizations that don’t value their employees in their droves. It’s time to start changing this.

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