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Infographic – Global Q3 Venture Funding Levels Off

Bar chart: Global venture investment dollars 2021 to 2023

Click on image for full-size view. (Crunchbase)

7 Oct. 2023. Global venture investment dollars in the third quarter of 2023 rose somewhat from the previous quarter, but remained at about the same level for the past 12 months. The technology market research company Crunchbase reported on Thursday that total venture investments worldwide rose to $73 billion from July through September 2023, a seven percent gain from the second quarter, but still down 15 percent from the same period in 2022.

Crunchbase says much of the investment dollar increase went to late-stage funding — in companies’ third venture rounds, called series C, or later. Late-stage investments worldwide totaled $43 billion or 59 percent of the total for the third quarter, a gain of 30 percent from the second quarter and 10 percent over the the third quarter of 2022. But even with that big quarterly jump in total dollars, the number of late-stage investment deals dropped slightly from 504 in Q2 to 490 in Q3. Global early-stage investments — first and second venture rounds — and seed-stage dollars and deals both declined from the second quarter.

Artificial intelligence start-ups continued to attract many of the investments, according to Crunchbase, collecting about $10 billion of the $73 billion total. Semiconductor and sustainability technology enterprises also attracted many of the investment dollars, with nearly all (96%) of the $4.5 billion in semiconductor investments made in Chinese companies.

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