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Montana State Licensing Biomedical Technologies

Fireweed (Kelly Gorham, Montana State)

(Kelly Gorham, Montana State)

Researchers at Montana State University in Bozeman have developed six new biomedical technologies available for licensing to interested companies and entrepreneurs.

– An existing clinical drug discovered to act as a potent trigger of immune cells, but also shows promise in enhancing the effectiveness of vaccines, particularly those administered to the lungs.

– An extract from a plant known as fireweed (pictured left) recognized for its antioxidant, antitumor, antibacterial and antiviral properties, but that can also bolster the human immune system by activating disease-fighting cells in the body called phagocytes.

– A suite of naturally derived, low to non-toxic peptides — links of one or more protein building blocks called amino acids  — with promise as treatments for a range of fungal and yeast infections, including those found in HIV or cancer patients with weak immune systems.

– Inexpensive improvements of mass spectrometry, an analytical technique used by scientists for the identification and characterization of molecules in everything from crude oil to biomedical compounds. Montana State researchers have increased the accuracy, resolution, and sensitivity of time-of-flight mass analyzers, a common type of mass spectrometer.

– A fast-working, non-toxic compound from a popular nutritional supplement with the ability to protect against influenza, reestablish immunity in compromised patients, and boost immunity in people who could be exposed to biowarfare agents or localized endemic diseases.

– Compounds derived from common food plants, such as apple peels, pomegranates, grapes, and tea, with a strong potential for preventing and treating a range of viral infections, because they block the attachment of viruses to cells and stimulate an anti-viral response in the cell.

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