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Lab to Advise Battery Company on Technology Management

Plug-in electric vehicle (Idaho National Lab)

(Idaho National Lab)

Dow Kokam in Midland, Michigan and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are collaborating on enhancements to the company’s capabilities to develop and commercialize advanced lithium ion batteries. Dow Kokam is a joint venture of Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery LLC, and Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault, founded in 2009 that develops advanced batteries for transportation, industrial, and defense customers.

The partnership, valued at up to $5.5 million over six years, will provide specialized technical and research management expertise to the company. Many of the specialized battery development capabilities in the project are exclusive to Oak Ridge Lab.

A team of Oak Ridge researchers will provide support in electrochemical and microstructural analysis, in-line quality control process development, raw material characterization, and processing battery components. The project will also evaluate new technology and strategies to optimize Dow Kokam’s materials and manufacturing processes.

The work builds on a cooperative research and development agreement that began in February 2010. Under terms of the new agreement, any support furnished to Dow Kokam will be done by Oak Ridge Lab on a full-cost reimbursement basis.

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