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Pfizer to Build Research Labs in Cambridge, Mass.

Central Square subway station, Cambridge, Mass.  (Bart Howard Everts/Flickr)

Central Square subway station, Cambridge, Mass.

Pfizer Inc., the global pharmaceutical company based in New York, says it will build a new research facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company expects the facility will employ a staff of 400, most in research or related positions.

The new building will be located in Kendall Square, just north of the MIT campus. Pfizer says it agreed to a 10-year lease on 180,000 square feet of space on that site. The company expects to move into the site in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The new facility will house Pfizer’s Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Endocrine Disease (CVMED) and Neuroscience research units. The relocation of the two operations will make it the second largest biopharmaceutical company in Massachusetts in terms of jobs. The work done at the new Cambridge site will involve biologists and chemists, as well as researchers from other disciplines.

This is Pfizer’s second expansion in Massachusetts this year. in June, the company announced the addition of eight research institutions in the state to its Centers for Therapeutic Innovation. Pfizer also plans to locate the translational network’s headquarters in Boston.

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Photo: Bart Howard Everts/Flickr

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