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Liquid-Based Hydrogen Storage Material Developed

Shih-Yuan Liu (Univ. of Oregon)

Shih-Yuan Liu (Univ. of Oregon)

Chemists at University of Oregon in Eugene have developed a liquid storage material for hydrogen that advances the prospect for hydrogen as a fuel that can replace gasoline. The Oregon researchers describe their findings online in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (paid subscription required).

A team led by materials science researcher Shih-Yuan Liu (pictured right) developed a boron-nitrogen-based platform called BN-methylcyclopentane that works safely at room temperature and is both air- and moisture-stable. The material can also desorb hydrogen quickly and cleanly without changing from its liquid form, using readily available iron chloride as a catalyst.

Liu’s team earlier discovered chemically similar materials with many of the desired properties, but in solid rather than liquid form. The researchers were able to adjust the molecular structure to create a liquid version that has low vapor pressures and does not change its liquid property on the release of hydrogen.

The liquid rather than solid state of the material is critical, says Liu, if we want a fuel that fits into our current distribution system dominated by gasoline. “The availability of a liquid-phase hydrogen storage material,” Liu notes, “could represent a practical hydrogen storage option for mobile and carrier applications that takes advantage of the currently prevalent liquid-based fuel infrastructure.”

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