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Instrument Company to License Scripps Screening Technology

Peter Hodder (Lucien Capehart/Scripps Research Institute)

Peter Hodder (Lucien Capehart/Scripps Research Institute)

Brooks Life Science Systems, a division of Brooks Automation in Poway, California, and Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida have agreed for Brooks to commercialize technology developed at Scripps to manage compounds in high-throughput screening, a process for drug discovery. Brooks Automation is a provider of instrumentation technology for manufacturing, energy, and life sciences companies. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, Brooks will have an exclusive license to complete development and manufacture Scripps’s sample compound management platform. The technology combines spectroscopy and image analysis to conduct automated and nondestructive quality assessments, as well as full-life cycle sample monitoring, of compounds in high-throughput screening collections.

Scripps says it uses the platform for quality control of more than 1 million compounds in its drug-discovery screening operations. “As a detection platform,” says Scripps’s Peter Hodder, “it provides a wealth of information about a compound sample that you simply couldn’t get from one instrument.” Hodder (pictured right) is director of Scripps’s high-throughput screening lab in Jupiter and developer of the technology.

The platform, which has an international patent, was unveiled earlier this week at a meeting of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening in San Diego. The technology will also be discussed at European Lab Automation Conference in Hamburg, Germany in May 2012.

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