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Pharma Companies to Partner on Cough and Cold Drugs

Girl sneezing (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget/Flickr)Vernalis plc in Winnersh, U.K. and Tris Pharma Inc. in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey have agreed to develop and market prescription cough and cold drugs in the U.S. Financial terms and timetable of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, Tris will use its drug delivery technology to develop, on behalf of Vernalis, up to six New Drug Applications for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review. A New Drug Application is the way a drug company requests that FDA approve a pharmaceutical for sale and marketing in the U.S.  Data gathered during animal studies and human clinical trials of a drug candidate become part of the application.

Tris will be responsible for the development work on these candidates and Vernalis will pay development milestones to Tris on each product as they progress through clinical development.  Vernalis will acquire and then commercialize these products on their approval in the U.S. and pay a sales-based royalty to Tris.

In November 2011, Tris received a U.S. patent on its platform technology involving modified release formulations for drug delivery. The patent covers a coated drug-ion exchange resin complex, with a polyvinyl acetate polymer and plasticizer coating around the core drug. The technology, says the company, was developed for use with liquid forms of medications, particularly for patients who cannot swallow traditional pills.

“The U.S. cough and cold market has been ripe for innovation,” says Ketan Mehta, CEO of Tris. “And when you consider that market research shows most adults prefer long lasting relief in the form of a liquid, rather than solid dose, our technology is well positioned to address this market.”

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Photo: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget/Flickr

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