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Four Affordable Ways To Speed Up Your Business With Tech

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11 July 2017. The rate at which business is conducted is constantly accelerating. Fail to keep up and your clients may be likely to jump ship for a faster service. Technology is the biggest factor behind the ever increasing speed of business. Some companies will invest a lot of money in buying all the fastest computers and having all the fastest equipment, however this isn’t always necessary. A few changes in the way you use tech may be all you need. Here are a few examples…

Switch posted letters for email

Mailing letters can take days to get a response. Switching all correspondences to email can allow you to retrieve information from clients within minutes. Most businesses have switched to this paperless format, but there are many ways that businesses could be using this more to their advantage. Instead of mailing forms for people to sign, all this can now too be done digitally through a document signing app. This could save days of waiting for a contract to be signed. It also saves on the cost of postage.

Arrange video-conferences

Meeting someone in person can waste an entire day. Parties may need to travel far to meet one another and this is likely to cost a lot of money in either fuel or public transport fees. You can cut out the hours spent traveling by communicating to one another via video communication software. The likes of Skype and Bluejeans have the capability to talk to multiple people at a time so that you can essentially each hold a conference from your individual offices. You can also give demos and guided tours this way – it’s even become practice among some real estate agencies!

Outsource and rent expensive machinery

In some cases, there may be machinery that does indeed do the job faster that is essential for doing the job. You may need a special manufacturing machine or carpet cleaning machine or a piece of heavy construction machinery. Rather than buying this tech, you could simply outsource another company that has this tech to do the job for you. For example, there may be a company that offers rapid manufacturing of prototypes that you may need for pitching to an investor. Alternatively, you may be able to hire the machinery from a rental company. Here, you’ll have the equipment for a limited time but will spend much less than buying the machinery outright.

Automate accounting

Accounting can take up hours of working time from each week. Rather than slaving over a spreadsheet, it could be worth using accountancy software to automate the calculation of all your taxes and expenses. This might work out cheaper than hiring an accountant for the job. Such software is often available as an app too so that you can do your book-keeping from any location. Automated accounting can also reduce the rate of human errors and ensure that you present the taxman with the right amount of tax due each year.

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