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Fitness 2024: to lose weight or feel good, this is how we will train this year

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Older cyclist on a bicycle path

(Julita, Pixabay.

29 Feb 2024. According to recent data, the number of courses dedicated to the over-65s and those aimed at weight loss is on the rise. Still, awareness of the importance of exercise for psychological well-being is growing.

Besides, more and more seniors are also looking for natural components, and CBD oils are now used for muscle relaxation, better sleep, and more! The only important thing is to choose the right supplier from several CBD Flower Shops!

Stay healthy!

The ‘recipe’ for longevity also passes through regular and constant physical activity, and a survey in the scientific journal ‘Health and Fitness Journal’ indicates the following trends in health and fitness. Although it is an essential tool, especially for wellness centers and fitness professionals, the report also helps citizens orient themselves among the new trends, especially at the beginning of the year when one good intention is to join a gym or a sports course. Here, then, are the leading fitness trends worldwide in 2024 and their respective health benefits.

Wearable technology devices

The use of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and heart rate monitors continues to be a major trend, and now, in many of the larger fitness centers, cardio, and weight room equipment can be synchronized with smartphones and smartwatches to provide a fully connected workout experience and to track physical activity.

The various wearable devices may be fine for healthy people who do not have any particular health problems, but it is good to understand that everyone needs their personalized workout this cannot be done with apps and smartphones, but it is better to be followed by a motor science expert.

Please beware of the risk of bigorexia, a psychological disorder characterized by an obsession with one’s physical appearance and a constant preoccupation with appearing unmuscular or fit. It is a real addiction that can only be combated if families manage to recognize it early on.

Corporate wellness also in the UK

The trend also concerns the UK, as shown by the latest Report Benefits and Trends data, a survey conducted by Aon, an insurance brokerage, and risk management consultancy company, on a sample of 5,000 companies representative of the business fabric. According to the survey results, 79% of the organizations confirm that they have a Welfare strategy or intend to implement it. Among the most popular services to improve the work-life balance is the company gym or the possibility of having in-house wellness activities (10%).

Fitness programs for the over 70s

The new demographic picture is also reflected in the population’s general health because aging increases the risk of chronic diseases, cognitive impairment, and falls. ‘Doing physical activity is important at all ages, but even more so after the age of 60, and it is important to know what you need to exercise,’ Beltrami adds.

The workouts seniors need

Not just walking or aerobic activity, strength training is needed to avoid sarcopenia, i.e., the loss of muscle mass that causes a drop in metabolism, the onset of osteoporosis, and an increased risk of falling.

Are there any workouts that are more suitable than others for those over 65 years of age? Physical activity must be as individualized as possible because these individuals often already suffer from specific pathologies,’ replies the Fmsi vice-president. This is why a visit to the sports doctor, who can determine the most suitable type of training, is necessary. However, training muscular plasticity, aerobic capacity, and balance is essential.

Training for weight loss

The trends of 2024 could not fail to include the whole strand of fitness activities aimed at weight loss, which are the ones that make gym memberships soar after the holiday season. Sport and regular exercise help improve metabolism and fight fat!

To lose weight, diet alone often doesn’t work, and you need to combine it with exercise to increase muscle mass, which is directly proportional to calorie consumption; in fact, athletes can afford to consume a lot of calories because they have good muscle mass.

The medical prescription for physical activity

Among the trends are those relating to promoting physical activity among young people and the figure of personal trainers as health and fitness professionals with an accredited certification that can represent a guarantee of the quality of the services provided, given that health and wellbeing are involved. However, there is increasing recognition of the need to consider physical activity as a natural drug to be prescribed.

Where do we stand?

Although an active lifestyle is one of the most effective preventive treatments for chronic diseases, more than 25 % of adults must comply with current exercise guidelines; the Medical and Sports Federation has already drawn up guidelines prescribing physical activity for specific pathologies. We are tackling this path very carefully, involving sports physicians and exercise science graduates.

It would be essential to extend the first physical activity ‘prescription’ projects to a national level; we would need more funds because prevention is fundamental at all levels.

Exercises for mental health

The effects regular physical activity can have on psychological well-being is also a recent survey conducted by an association representing fitness operators, from which representing fitness professionals, which showed that more than half of people who join a gym do so to cope with illness, 78 % said that going to the gym has a positive impact on mental health. In comparison, two-thirds (66 %) said exercising helps them sleep better. Among the activities that most promote mental health are yoga, mindfulness, dance, and group classes.

And why not use CBD oil to facilitate a better mood and good mental health in general.

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