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University Licenses Cancer Drug Screening Technology

Tin Tin Su (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Tin Tin Su (University of Colorado at Boulder)

A technology developed at University of Colorado in Boulder to screen drug compounds for potential cancer treatments has been licensed by the university to a Boulder start-up company. Suvica Inc. will develop the patented drug discovery technology into a marketable product.

The drug discovery processes licensed to Suvica use a genetically modified Drosophila fruit fly model to screen for compounds effective against various types of cancer, either alone or in combination with existing therapies. The technology was developed by CU biologist Tin Tin Su (pictured right), a co-founder of Suvica, where he also serves as its chief science officer..

The company says its drug discovery tools are both efficient and cost-effective, since they are based on a whole-animal screening model, which can more easily eliminate drug candidates with undesired toxicity. SuviCa plans to discover and develop drugs used as standalone therapies or to prevent tumor recurrence following treatment with a variety of approved anti-cancer therapies.

Suvica has received seed funding from Colorado’s Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program that supports the development and commercial validation of technologies licensed from Colorado research institutions by Colorado based start-up companies.

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