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New Grant Funds Academic Tech Transfer Services

Loose bills of multiple denominations (borman818)The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation in Miami awarded a $750,000 grant to the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) to help the association upgrade its business development services for academic scientists. AUTM announced the award on Tuesday at its annual meeting in San Antonio.

AUTM represents technology transfer specialists at some 300 universities in the U.S. and Canada. They provide patenting and licensing services to their campuses, but at many institutions also offer counseling on business start-up and finance.

The Coulter grant is expected to expand AUTM’s Global Technology Portal that allows universities to quickly upload new technologies available for licensing. The funding will also support expanding capabilities and access to AUTM’s database that provides metrics on licensing royalties and deals.

The award will help AUTM create a new annual conference focusing on business development in a different individual business sector each year. The grant will also fund an AUTM study on the impact of academic research specifically in the medical device sector. In addition, the funding will help AUTM establish a system to help technology transfer professionals better track their professional development.

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation began in 1999 to fund translational research in biomedical engineering. The foundation makes grants to academic biomedical engineering departments, as well as individual scientists to take their biomedical engineering discoveries to market.

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Hat tip: Innovation Daily

Photo: borman818/Flickr

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