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Welcome Science and Enterprise. Farewell Science Business.

WELCOME in lights

(Ged Carroll/Flickr)

As regular readers may notice, we’ve changed the name of this blog to Science and Enterprise. Let me explain why we did it.

Earlier this month we received a letter from a trademark attorney representing Science Business Publishing Ltd. that appears to be a consulting company based in the U.K. and publisher of the Web site Science|Business. The site reports on policy developments in Europe related to science, technology, and innovation. The company also publishes reports and stages events.

I was aware of this site when I started Science Business (without the |), but this blog and Science|Business have little in common other than a similar title and somewhat overlapping content focus. This blog reports hard news in the U.S. and overseas just about every business day. Science|Business largely discusses policy developments, primarily in Europe, and European Union initiatives. They also publish less frequently; the last posting on its site appears to be dated 31 July.

Nonetheless the attorney’s letter noted that Science|Business was also a trademark and our use of Science Business may violate its trademark rights and cause confusion among the public. And there are penalties — “injunctive relief, as well as monetary damages’ as the letter states — for trademark violations.

We subsequently agreed that changing the name of our blog would resolve the matter. Other than spending a nice morning indoors, it didn’t cost anything to make the changes, which are now in effect. If you subscribe to our blog through the RSS feed or e-mail alerts, you need make no changes at all.

So say hello to Science and Enterprise, and thank you for your continued readership.

*     *     *

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