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Genomic, Patient Data Integrated for Precision Medicine

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(NEC Corporation of America with Creative Commons license)

18 November 2015. A collaboration of genomic profiling and software companies plans to integrate their services to provide what they call more informed precision medicine treatment options for cancer patients. Financial aspects of the agreement between genetic diagnostics enterprise Caris Life Sciences in Irving, Texas and software provider Syapse in Palo Alto, California were not disclosed.

Caris provides a service called molecular intelligence that analyzes the genomic composition of tumors from cancer patients, and compares the results with data from clinical studies to provide their doctors with treatment recommendations best fitting the patients’ tumor profiles. The company says it has more than 80,000 such tumor profiles in its databases.

The collaboration will be part of what Caris calls its centers of excellence, or COE, network for precision medicine. The network is made up of medical centers that provide precision medicine services and work to improve standards of care for molecular tumor profiling in oncology.

The agreement calls for participating medical centers in the Caris network to adopt Syapse software for integrating tumor profiles from Caris with data from electronic medical records. Syapse’s precision medicine platform includes a package tailored for oncology, including components for recording molecular profiles. The integrated records will also be made available, with identification removed, for sharing across the Caris network and aggregated to provide insights into clinical outcomes.

The combination of services, say the companies, will make it possible to better understand the nature of cancer in individual patients and identify effective treatments, as well as provide patients better access to new therapies and clinical trials. In addition, Syapse’s software is expected to help Caris network members participate in virtual tumor boards, where they can review cases and exchange guidance with network colleagues. Tumor boards bring together specialists across disciplines to review proposed treatments.

“Sharing the clinical and molecular profile of patients, alongside their treatments and outcomes,” says Jonathan Hirsch, president and founder of Syapse in a joint statement, “will enable members of the COE Network to collaboratively develop the best practices and clinical utility evidence needed to advance the practice of precision oncology.”

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