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Tips For Boosting Organic Traffic from Search Engines to Your Medical Blog

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(Darko Stojanovic, Pixabay)

16 January 2017. If you decide to start a medical blog that is designed to provide people with information on how they can improve their health, you want your blog to be highly visible on the internet so it can help as many of those people as possible, right?

This is why your blog must be a magnet for organic traffic, or visitors who naturally come to your website through a search engine. In essence, the higher your blog ranks on a search engine, the more people will find it.

Let’s go over some tips you can use to boost organic traffic for your medical blog:

Place your top keywords in your headlines

After coming up with a list of popular keywords, take the most popular of those keywords and place them in the headlines of each of your new posts. The reason why this will improve your blog’s rankings is because search engine algorithms will analyze your headlines before your actual content, so just one popular keyword in each new headline will naturally give your rankings a boost.

Find out which keywords people have used to find your blog

Once your blog has been up and running for a few months and you develop a small reader base, you should find out which medical keywords and phrases those readers used to find your blog on a search engine so you can integrate those keywords into your future content.

An online SEO checker will ultimately be the best tool at your disposal for this because it will generate a list of each of the keywords your existing readers have used to find your blog.

Start link building

Link building is another highly effective SEO strategy that, if done properly, is guaranteed to increase your rankings. This is because search engines will always rank blogs or websites higher that contain quality or relevant links in posts, while lowering the rankings of those that contain irrelevant links or none to begin with.

Write guest posts on other medical blogs

Get in touch with some other popular medical bloggers and ask if you can write a guest post on their blog, and vice versa, if they would be interested in writing one on yours. Guest posting on a popular blog is guaranteed to draw more people to your blog because it immediately gets you noticed by all of the followers of that blog.

Create great content consistently

Finally, all of the above tips will be for nothing if you don’t create great content on a consistent basis. Every post on your blog needs to be high quality, meaning it’s well written and free of spelling/grammar errors, while also providing value to readers. Ultimately, simply creating quality content consistently will be the number one factor behind how well your blog ranks on search engines.

Bringing in new traffic

The success of your medical blog will be entirely dependent on how much organic traffic you can bring in regularly. By applying each of the tips you have learned in this article, you should have no problem getting new people to find your blog each day.

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