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Solving The Minefield Of Disgruntled Workers

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7 April 2017. Every business has experienced and will experience the blow to productivity which comes from disgruntled members of the workforce. Sometimes the issue will be easy to resolve in the case of a conflict between two employees or stress resulting from a particularly overwhelming project, but other times the problem is more deeply rooted in that worker’s position within the company. This puts you in a tricky position as an employer, especially if the responsibility for dissatisfaction in your workforce is placed on your shoulders.

Solving the minefield of disgruntled workers doesn’t always have to involve a heated debate. Obviously, you should keep any resolution of the issue private, but sometimes the solution is far easier than it appears on the surface. What appeared to be unsolvable issue might be traced back to any one of the easily-amendable issues listed below, so your business might consider these next time you feel that one or more members of the workforce is looking a little depleted.

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Value people for their work

Believe it or not, many of your employees likely entered into their job roles with tall aspirations and a desire to real form a career out of the respective industry in which your business is based. Perhaps some of them have started to slip in productivity or simply seem far less happier in their role because they feel they’re not being valued for it, and, as a result, cannot be important to the company. To key to changing this, then, is to remind your workers that their contribution makes a difference.

There are many ways in which you could achieve this, such as offering a bonus for hard work or even a promotion, but given that your business may not have the money to reward everyone and not every worker can be promoted to a senior position, the key is to keep the entire workforce motivated by offering rewards to the top employee each week; that could be a ticket to a concert, chocolate, or, as mentioned before, a bonus check. The key is to pay attention to your workers and reward them if they do well. This will motivate other employees to work harder and breed a little healthy competition in the workplace, as they’ll realize that they can be valued for doing so.


Money is one of the biggest worries on anyone’s mind, and your employees are no different. It’s important that you ensure salaries are fairly dished out based on workload and perhaps even the specific work of an individual department. Disgruntled employees can often end up feeling as such due to their feeling that they’re paid far too little for far too much work. Of course, errors in payment are important to avoid too. You could look into Intuit checks to make it easier to automatically sort out your company’s payroll and ensure no employee is left disgruntled. While the industry in which your company is based might truly excite your employees, low wages won’t keep smiles on their faces for long.

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Keep records of incidents

In the case of incidents in the workplace, such as harassment, discrimination or an accident on the premises, it’s important to document everything. If lawsuits come out of the woodwork, there’s a high chance that the victim won’t just be suing the employee or employees involved, but the company as a whole, given that all workers are associated with that brand and the employer is responsible for the events which take place within the workplace.

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