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New Article on Omni Media: Organs-on-Chips


Lung-on-chip device (Emulate Inc.)

26 April 2017. If you’re a regular reader of Science & Enterprise, you’ve probably read at least few of our articles on lab-on-a-chip or organ-on-chip devices. These bioelectronic devices made from clear polymer plastic simulate human tissue and organs, and provide a more reliable and controllable platform than lab animals for some research and testing.

I’m now writing regularly for Omni Media, a web site — and once a glossy print publication — on science, lifestyle, culture, and the human condition. The latest piece is now live on the Omni site, covering advances over the past five years with organs-on-chips, including the emergence of Emulate Inc., a spin-off company from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, which we report on often at Science & Enterprise.

In case you missed it, my first article for Omni Media appearing last week tells about the growing presence of big technology companies in pharmaceuticals, with the smartphone’s increasing use in diagnostics and now even delivery of therapeutics. The article suggests pharma is not prepared for the changes the tech industry might inflict on it.

Thanks for your readership of Science & Enterprise, and now our contributions to Omni Media.

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