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How Working With Your Hands Can Equal Happiness

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23 May 2017. Digital and online companies keep expanding, and people are often drawn to a business where they can work remotely, from their laptops or in an office space. However, the growing popularity of artisan brands and handmade crafts is leading another group of business owners to lease spaces, where they can physically create their products onsite. There has been a surge in meeting both customers and suppliers face to face, alongside manually working with your hands all day, resulting in an overall, happier work environment.

Hobbies becoming businesses

Many of the brands that pride themselves on their handmade wares began with love and passion for what they do. Pastimes and hobbies are turning into lucrative ventures, and people are using their talents to set up shop and step out of the office. Crafting and creating items often leads to a happy and balanced lifestyle within business, because people can physically do what they love, and are lucky enough to earn a living from it. By stepping away from screens, and getting their hands dirty, artisans can use both their brain and body; therefore, stress and its associated symptoms are often alleviated.


(Fancycrave, Pexels)

The power of machinery

By using tools and equipment, instead of computer technology, people are simplifying their daily intake of digital information; this can clear the mind and result in a straightforward routine and way of life. Choosing the correct machinery for their business can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. And, having the choice when to use their laptop or smartphone to research into more info about their equipment, reply to emails, and market their business, takes away the pressure of being tied to their digital technology all day. A great deal of happiness comes from keeping on top of your physical work and when your machinery has completed a task, instead of a day full of answering emails, while looking at a screen.


(David Herault, Pexels)

Feeling physically tired

So often when people get into bed, they struggle to switch off and fall asleep; the stress of office life and tasks that need completing can play on their minds and can cause a disrupted night’s sleep. When business owners have worked with their hands and equipment all day, they have had the time to process thoughts as they physically complete their tasks. Therefore, people often leave their workplace feeling bodily tired, and their mind is free from any digital stress; this enables them to relax and fall asleep more successfully. Surely everybody wakes up happier after a restful night’s sleep. If you’re finding sleep troublesome; here are some techniques that can help:

Asleep at the wheel

(Lechon Kirb,

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