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The Three Most Revolutionary Emerging Sciences

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27 July 2017. With access to a plethora of advanced technology that we have in the 21st century, science has become more intriguing than ever. With pieces of equipment like the Hadron Collider, we are able to view particle interactions like we never have before, opening up a wealth of information for us to understand the world around us. This technology has created new areas of study, so here are the top three!


Nanotechnology is an extremely new field of science and seems to have been inspired by futuristic films! Strictly speaking, nanotechnology is anything that deals with objects that are in nanometers. While this may seem boring, it is in fact quite the opposite. Nanotech gives us the ability to alter things at their base level, meaning we could create super strong structures using nanotech, as well as creating nanobots that you would see in a film! But where it’s seeing most success is in medicine, with companies like CytImmune having successfully tested a nano delivery system to deliver chemotherapy drugs to a cancer cell. These breakthroughs in medicine make nanotechnology a truly remarkable science, giving us hope for more advancements in the future!

Gene editing

Taking a step in a more biological direction is gene editing. Gene editing is exactly that, editing the DNA structure of a given cell to produce a desired result. Before people start worrying about the creation of super soldiers and breeding humans for a purpose by editing their genes, it must be told that gene editing is only being used to cure people of DNA linked diseases. Many diseases are hereditary, meaning that they are inherited from a person’s parents because of their genetic makeup, as opposed to an environmental disease. Disease such as hemophilia are caused by a recessive gene, gene editing seeks to be able to replace the faulty gene responsible for the lack of blood platelets and alter it so it becomes functional again! If you wish to learn more about this subject, visit to learn how to become more involved.

Stem cells

More biology for you! Stem cells are the super cell within our bodies. Found in their purest form in only embryos, stem cells are the way forward with growing anything to do with the body. Stem cells are able to replicate and turn into any type of specialized cell, giving them great value. This means that they can be used to grow anything within the body when given to correct conditions. Examples like this show that organs can be grown from stem cells, in this specific example an entire human heart was grow using stem cells, so if we are capable of growing hearts who knows what we might end up being able to create to better humanity?

All of these sciences have the capability to completely change our lives, and  is why they are the top 3 revolutionary emerging sciences! Many people take an interest in nanotech and medicine as it is the fastest advancing field out of the three, so if you want to learn more about nanotech and medicine, read this.

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