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Is There A Science To Attracting Consumers?

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16 August 2017. The short answer is: yes. Humans are complicated, of course, but there are certain trends and patterns that ring true for the majority of consumers. In a sense, there is a science to attracting potential customers in the marketplace based on the industry in which your company is based and the service or product you’re trying to sell to them. Here are some pieces of advice which might just help you better attract customers to your business in the future.

Do your research

The best way to figure out what the average customer wants from a business like yours is to do research into consumers within your industry. Find out what other businesses are doing to drive sales from your target market, and figure out what your company is doing well already. You might want to consider a user testing agency if you feel as if your company doesn’t have all the information it should have on its existing customers or the marketplace full of potential customers out there.

Companies in the user testing industry can help you improve your digital marketing approach if your business doesn’t fully know how, say, its web site fares in terms of impressing the average consumer in your target market. There’s no universal answer as to the best way to market your business through a website or other means, of course, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to conduct research into the methods which often work well in terms of impressing consumers and converting traffic into sales.

Make a personal connection

It’s so important to connect with customers. You can’t just be the one-dimensional corporate entity trying to force products on them. You have to show your human face if you want to attract consumers in the modern age. This means you need to utilize platforms such as social media to answer questions and solve problems that people may have; you need a team that’s available all around the clock to respond to consumers almost instantaneously.

You should also do all that you can to keep customers interested once they’ve bought from your company. Give people an incentive to come back. Perhaps you could offer a loyalty program which involves better deals, discounts, and points that can add up as a sort of currency to buy things from your business. That’ll definitely incentivize people to stick around with your business in the long-run in order to save money, rather than going to your competitors.


This is one of the most clever ways of marketing. People love to win things, as implied when we discussed loyalty programs earlier. Consumers are happy to spend money or invest in a business if there’s the chance of winning something great at a discounted price or perhaps even getting something for free. If you want to drive interest for your business then your marketing needs to be full of information about contests and prizes that your company is offering. Make people turn heads when they see your marketing campaign on a web site.

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