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Are These Overlooked Factors Affecting Your Company’s Reputation?

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8 December 2017. You can spend many years making sure that your company has a positive reputation. You can do all the right things; deliver great customer service, have innovative ideas, position yourself at the forefront of your industry, and so on. Alas, sometimes it’s not what we do that has the biggest influence – it’s what we don’t do. Below, we take a look at some of the commonly overlooked issues that can cause your company problems, even if you’re not aware of them!

Can and string communication


No conscience

It’s not the same world that we used to live in. Today, things are much more open, and as such companies face a level of scrutiny that simply wouldn’t have been possible in the past. Research shows that customers are asking more of the businesses they’re spending their money with. If a company has been shown to have bad practices, then your customers will turn away – and they’re unlikely to come back anytime soon. Check that you’re doing things ethically, such as by showing consideration for the environment, a fair policy when it comes to hiring, and the like.

Saying one thing, looking another

Your branding is everything when it comes to your business. Alas, many companies fall into the trap of presenting themselves as one thing, but then don’t back it up with their actions. You need to ensure that all aspects of your business operations are in line with the message you want to world to receive. Take your office. If it’s stuffy, boring, or unclean, then people will have a negative impression of your business – despite what your website says. Solicit commercial cleaning services, liven up the office atmosphere, and make sure your reception area presents the right image. With that done, you’ll be able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Focusing only on the big stuff

It’s easy to get carried away with the aspects of your business that are the real money makers. However, if you’re forever focusing your attention on the big details, then what’s going on with the smaller details? You might create a situation whereby the top end of the pyramid is watertight, but where the foundations are shaky. In business, you should try to ensure that every detail is as strong as possible because you can’t predict what people will be looking at.

Off the clock gossip

We know that it’s hard to maintain a professional attitude at all times when you’re at work. It’s next to impossible to have the same attitude when you’re off the clock! However, when you’re a business owner, you always need to be in “networking mode.” If you’re acting unprofessionally, then it might just come back to haunt your business.

Too big to fail

Finally, remember that it’s important to stay humble. It’s easy to get carried away with success, but you never know what’s coming up ahead in the future. If you think you’re too big to fail, then you’ll be in for a nasty shock if profits begin to slump. Always acting like you need every customer will ensure you keep your standards high.

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