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Organic Farming Is Probably the Way Forward For the Future

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1 August 2018. When you turn on Netflix and scroll through the various documentaries available right now, you are bombarded with the messages of clean eating, vegan diets and organic lifestyles. There is no hiding from the fact that we are living in an age where everybody is becoming more and more knowledgeable of the environment around them, as well as more health conscious. We have come to realize that organic farming is going to soon take over, simply because there is so much demand for this high quality produce. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why organic farming is set to take over the future of our food supplies and production.

It’s safer for animals

Arguably, organic farming is much kinder to animals and gives them a better quality of life. It prevents them from being injected with nasty chemicals or forced to eat growth hormones for juicier meat. If you work on a farm and are hoping to adopt a more organic way of working then checkout these water tanks for sale. Freshly filtered, cool water will keep your animals hydrated at all times; similarly you should always by your animal feeds from reputable companies who don’t include additives in their food. You will be producing more tender and natural meat, that the consumers will love.

Consumers want organic produce

The future is organic because that is what people are looking for at the moment. People are being encouraged to eat organically, adopt healthier lifestyles and also include more plants in their diet. This can totally be capitalized on from the farming industry by cutting out pesticides when growing crops and vegetables as well as making sure cows are always grass fed. If consumers are demanding these types of products then the farming industries are going to feel obliged to supply it.

People are willing to pay for high quality

Debatably, caring for an organic farm is a lot more costly than one that cuts more corners to save money. You will need to spend more on natural foods, medicines and general care for the animals and plants, meaning that you can charge more for the products. Luckily, consumers understand that organic produce is worth more money so are willing to pay for this higher quality stuff.

We’re living in a health crazed world

Documentaries and even professional health care advisors are telling us to eat organically and everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon. People are going to extremes to make sure they are always eating the highest quality and most sought after ‘superfoods’ they can get their hands on. Our society has become obsessed with every single aspect of health and wellbeing, which is amazing news for farmers who have more demand than ever. Arguably, veganism is a craze that is putting farmers under fire, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping the production of organic meat and dairy any time soon.

Soon we will see our supermarket shelves dominated by organic produce; a winning combination for the health of our society and the profits for our local farmers.

Editor’s note: Opinions  expressed in this post are the contributor’s and not those of Science & Enterprise.

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