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How Advancing Technology Can Alleviate Employee Stress

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27 September 2018. As an company owner, you have a duty to look after your employees. As well as ensuring you’re not damaging their health due to stress and being overworked, taking care of their mental health will also benefit you. A stressed worker is far less likely to be productive, and in time this can really reflect in your workload and profits. Thanks to advancing technology, it’s becoming easier to keep workers stress levels in check, which is good for them, and good for their business. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Update your equipment

Most areas of business are now run through computers, and so if yours are substandard or out of date then this is instantly going to increase employee stress. If you want your staff to do their best work, you need to provide them with the equipment to do so. As well as computers, think about commercial printers, phones and any machines and tools that your employees use. Updating these might cost money but can save you in the long run, when the work is done much more quickly. If your equipment is older, chances are you’re spending significantly on things like maintenance fees anyway. Buy new and you have warranty for a year, plus they’re far less likely to break down too.

Use the right software

As well as fast, reliable computers, you also need the right software. Business software does jobs that would otherwise be tedious and time consuming, and tackles them in a matter minutes. This stops a human worker being stuck on this kind of job, which is not only not very nice for them but it’s a waste of your resources too. While at this point in time it’s not possible to fully automate a business, you want to ensure you’re utilizing technology where you can so you can use your workers to their best potential. Do your research, business software exists in just about every area these days. You could even go a step further and have your own software designed so that it’s a perfect fit for your business. Either way, it can reduce worker stress and will save you time and money in the process.

Let them work remotely

More and more businesses are getting on board with a home- based workforce and seeing the benefits it can bring. It reduces worker stress, reduces lateness and sick days and can boost productivity. You can use outplacement services to keep tabs on your workers and ensure that they’re happy and everything is being done to the best standards. Now that more and more business is being taken online, working remotely is easier than ever and in many cases it’s neither necessary or practical to have staff working from the office. Instead, you can hire candidates from around the globe based on talent, rather than be limited to those who live nearby.

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