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Is Content Still King For Online Marketing in 2018?

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14 Oct. 2018. If you have done any kind of work in social media, blogging, SEO, or websites, then you are likely to have heard the phrase that content is king. It sounds like a little bit of a buzzword, but what does it really mean? These days it seems like it is more relevant than ever, simply because consumers are more particular about who they shop with, and in the tech world that we are living in, that needs to all be kept up to scratch too. Businesses need to be able to stay relevant, stay engaging, and creating great content so that you are attracting more and more customers to your business.

Content really is a key part of marketing, and it seems like that is always going to be the way. But in a competitive world, how can you go about creating some stellar content to make sure that your customers are happy, as well as using it as a tool to help attract others to the business? Here are a few ideas to help.

Create a blog

If your website does not yet have a blog, then you are missing out on a really key way to share and create content. Blogging is the way forward for marketing online and being able to be found online, so you need to get blogging right away. If you haven’t got anyone to create the content for you, then you could look to outsource the copywriting using a site like, for example. It shouldn’t be dismissed because you don’t have anyone that can spare the time, simply because it is an important tool that does need to be made use of.

Set goals

It can be all very well talking about how content is king, but if you haven’t got a plan for it all, to what end is it king? You need to have a strategy or plan in place so that you can know what you are working towards. Are you just going to churn out content on your website or social media channels like Or do you have a plan to offer something new to newsletter subscribers or get a certain number of comments per post? Decide on the vision that you have for the content that you plan to create, and then it can make it much easier to see that vision through.

Your ideal customer

Content is king. But if you create the wrong kind of content for your customers or followers, then they are going to swiftly leave. So it is really important that you know who your ideal customers are. What is their age demographic? What type of current affairs would they be interested in or how do they spend their money? For example, if you offer bargains and share a lot of great deals as part of your content, your customers obviously love a bargain too. So if you were then to share a post about  luxury holidays, it wouldn’t suit the audience that you have. Knowing your ideal customer helps to make the best content possible.

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