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What Is Fragrance Mapping?

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24 Dec. 2018. Fragrance mapping is technology that is used to determine whether consumers will like the fragrance of a product. This is a service that is embraced by a whole host of companies, not just those in the business of making perfumes or products that mask bad odors. This post will assess the reasons why fragrance technology is an essential step prior to the release of an item. It does this by evaluating the reasons why the fragrance of a product is pivotal. So, keep on reading to find out more.

Firstly, you need to consider the massive impact fragrance has on the consumer. It can influence their mood, emotions, and even their memory. After all, a certain smell can take you back to a particular place. All of this works together to subconsciously affect the purchasing behavior of the consumer. If a certain product enhances the consumer’s mood, there is a higher chance that they will purchase it. Fragrance mapping ensures the smell of your product encourages your target consumer base to purchase it.

Fragrance is also important because it is responsible for creating a loyal consumer base. The shampoo industry is an excellent example of this. The packaging is what will usually entice a person to buy a bottle of shampoo. However, the fragrance of the shampoo determines whether the individual continues to buy the product or whether they switch to a different brand.

After all, if something smells good, you are going to keep using it. If shampoo smells bad, you are not going to keep buying it just because the bottle is pretty.  The same can be said with pharmaceutical packaging design and fragrance mapping. If we don’t like the smell of a particular medicine, we won’t want to taste it or use it again. If a medicine smells nice, it makes it more appealing.

In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, the fragrance of a product is also of paramount importance in relation to the brand image of your company. This is especially the case when a brand uses a similar scent throughout their entire range of products. A fragrance is something you will come to identify a brand with. It also helps to tell their story, thus reinforcing brand image.

It is also crucial to consider the fact that individuals tend to identify strongly with scent. You may be able to overlook something visually, but you can’t ignore an unpleasant smell. This is especially important when it comes to the beauty industry because consumers tend to identify with high-quality scents that are related to glamour and elegance.

Last but not least, in some instances, the smell of a product helps to reinforce the purpose of it. A prime example of this is when mint is used in body wash products, as this is an invigorating scent. This helps to create a stronger product. If the fragrance and the purpose of a product don’t match, this will weaken the identity of it.

It is not hard to see why the fragrance of a product is so important. This relates to a whole host of items, from beauty products to home cleaning items. Because of this, it pays dividends to seek the services of a company offering fragrance mapping. Nevertheless, make sure you select such a company with care. They should have plenty of experience and an impressive client list to boast. You will also want to investigate how they evaluate your fragrance, ensuring scientific data that is statistically sound is used.

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