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Eco-Friendly Solutions For Industrial Water, Energy Waste

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2 Jan. 2019. Going green is an essential factor most industries will benefit from attempting to implement into their business. With increasingly more intelligence and new equipment derived from scientific and technological advancements, there are bundles of solutions to solve the problems inherent from industrial practices in a range of sectors.

If the weight of industrial waste and pollution derived from your business, weighs on your conscience, and the prospect of a world with ever-increasing global warming and the waste of non-renewable resources tugs on your guilty feelings, you care about the environment and you can make a change starting with your business. Take a stand for the environment and choose to consider and integrate some of the environmentally friendly practices below into your industry.

“You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and that’s how we’re going to protect the Earth.” – Julia Butterfly Hill

Industrial water waste

Industrial water waste is an undesirable byproduct of industry practices, and there may seem as if there are little to no solutions for this problem, as each industries water waste is usually significantly different in consideration of the components it contains. However, there is a solution that can, in fact, renew water waste into a fluid which can be reused.

Effective treatment of industrial wastewater such as sterilization and disinfectant, membrane filtration and reverse osmosis water treatment systems, have been developed to sophisticatedly alter and filter the harmful components added to the water as result of industrial activities. By researching the treatment applicable to your industry water waste and seeking expert advice, you can begin to contribute to giving back to the environment and renewing the volume of liquid your business consumes on a daily basis.

Conserve energy

According to Energy Central, the US surpasses every country in the world regarding energy waste, this includes countries such as China. With 58% of all energy used in America being written off as waste. In consideration of this, you may wish to devise a solution appropriate to your business. For example, an office housing a few people 9 to 5 daily, could take the direction of turning off all electrical and heating equipment once they leave the office.

For larger businesses such as factories, monitoring the output of energy would require a person or energy management team to analyse and manage the energy usage effectively. This would be to record the amount that is wasted and develop amicable solutions to the problem. A few solutions to conserve energy are as follows;

  • Solar panels  – This is a free source of power generated by the sun’s UV rays and is inexhaustible.
  • Schedule a routine shut down and start-ups of machinery – Manage machinery use to ensure it is being used appropriately and effectively.
  • Optimizing and maintaining air compressors regularly –  This has been discovered to make a considerable impact on conserving energy. With $3.2 billion in power wasted due to air compressors not being appropriately surveyed.

By considering using some of the solutions above you can begin to set standards for your industry and add it to the values and mission of your company to help conserve and protect the planet’s resources.

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