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What It Takes to Ace Your Online Course

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(Anete Lusina, Unsplash)

9 Jan. 2019. The popularity of online study continues to grow year on year. More and more people are realizing the benefits of being able to access degree level education digitally, from being able to study at any institution in the world to not having to deal with the costs of relocation, visas and accommodation that attending in person brings. The opportunity is huge, and with online resources getting increasingly sophisticated, the study experience for those choosing distance learning is also improving.

However, there are undeniably some skills you will need to make the scenario work for you. Studying by yourself, even with support available virtually, can be a challenge. With a little preparation you can make it work, so take a look at these tips and see if online study could be for you…

Find your inspiration

Distance learning requires a high level of self-motivation, so to make it work you’re going to have to find the right course – one that inspires you. From doing an MBA to an online public safety degree, the course you choose needs to fit with your career aspirations and spark your interest as well. Do you want to understand art? Set up a tech business? Find your passion for the subject and it will be much easier to keep going.

Make a commitment

In order for you to succeed, you’ve got to be totally committed to what you are studying. There can be no excuses for skipping study time. You have to be quite strict, as it’s all too easy to avoid opening the laptop if you just aren’t feeling it. Treat your study professionally and show up when you should. You owe it to yourself and your future career.

Create a study schedule

In order to stick to what you’re doing, it’s best to plan out a study schedule to make your plans concrete. Especially if you’re working your study around a job, a family and various other responsibilities. Studying can be more time consuming than you think, so make sure you’re allocating enough time to get everything done – and don’t forget to plan in some breaks as well.

Set study goals

When you’re on the laptop for study, it becomes easy to think you’ll quickly check social media only to find you’ve whiled away the whole time. Use a social media blocker to remove the temptation if you need help resisting. Learn some simple time management techniques and put them into practice. Set goals and milestones for your study to keep things moving along.

Find support

Being at a physical remove can be difficult, so make the effort to connect with your course mates. There’s a wealth of support and motivation to be found in your online study groups. Spend time getting to know other people studying the same subject and it will also remind you why you want to succeed in the first place. You will also have a group of people to ask questions to and turn to for help with technical support or course queries. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re struggling – someone else is bound to be experiencing the same thing.

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