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Build an Online Presence Beyond a Web Site

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29 Jan. 2019. A company web site is an important first step when building an online presence. However, to truly get noticed online, other forms of digital marketing are required. Here are a few ways to build an online presence.

Social media

Social media is a great tool for attracting new customers online as well as keeping existing customers in the loop. There are lots of different social media sites out there to try, some of which many only be suitable for certain types of business. For example, Instagram revolves around photo sharing, making it ideal for showing off your work if you’re a tattoo artist or a cake baker, but not so useful if you run an accounting firm. Facebook and Twitter generally apply to all types of company and are great platforms for posting company news, cross-promoting and interacting with consumers.

It could also be worth trying out YouTube as a marketing tool – you can make your own video ads or start a vlog in which you give advice related to your business. You can hire a social media marketing agency to help you with these mediums, or you can do it all yourself if you feel confident with social media.

Online reviews

Many consumers won’t use a company nowadays without first checking online reviews. Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot are the most popular customer review sites – it’s worth keeping an eye on these sites for reviews so that you can manage your reputation. The top reputation management companies will be able to help monitor reviews for you. This could include getting negative reviews removed and drawing public attention to positive reviews.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the practice of improving search engine rankings. This can help people searching for your company to find your web site more easily on search engines. SEO isn’t something you can easily do yourself and it’s usually best hiring an SEO company that can use a mixture of resources and tactics to boost your rankings.

PPC ads

You can also improve your web presence by launching PPC ad campaigns. PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are online adverts that you pay money to display until a certain amount of people have clicked on the ad. This could include web ads on search engines or picture ads on web sites. You can also run video ads that display before YouTube videos. It’s best hiring an advertising agency to design these ads.

Email marketing

It’s worth also considering the power of email. Many companies use email marketing as a tool for encouraging return customers. By getting current customers to join your mailing list, you can then keep them in the loop with company news and promotions sent via email. Emails can also be used to contact blogs, newspapers, magazines and radio stations for media coverage – it’s often best using a top PR company to handle this as these professionals usually have all the necessary contact details required.

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