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Inspire Your Team With Great Office Space

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Office window

(Alesia Kazantceva, Unsplash)

5 Mar 2019. Whether your office is a haven of peaceful creativity or a mass of bodies getting things done, there’s always something you can do to make your working environment not only more conducive to better working but safer for everybody too.

We take a look at how office design plays a big part on impacting on productivity and how you can make yours smarter, safer and more inspiring.


It goes without saying that a safe environment benefits everyone but we’re not talking solely about having a guardrail system in place or removing those trailing leads, we’re talking about the more subtle ways that you can protect your employees.

Think about your lighting for a start and the effect that’s having on eyes that spend most of the day staring at a screen. Where possible switch off strip lights that can cause serious glare and lead to eyesight problems and headache and opt for natural ambient lighting. Where that can’t work, consider changing up your overhead lighting strips for more subtle ground level options with natural color bulbs rather than stark fluorescent.

Naturally, you’ll want to do the same with screens and giving employees the option of fitting anti-glare screens on their PCs will also help drive down any long-term problems with vision.

Sitting comfortably

Such a small thing that can make a big difference but too many office workers end up with long term back, shoulder and neck complaints because they aren’t sitting properly in chairs that are adjusted for their exact frame and build. If you’re planning on investing in your team, start with their office furniture and comfort to combat future problems and sick leave taken to sort out aching backs.

Give the option of foot stools and wrist rests for even greater comfort, particularly those who are based behind a desk for the majority of the day and encourage regular screen breaks and the chance to stretch their legs.


Lifestyle and business bloggers everywhere will tell you that a well-designed office space will only lead to a better working life. Have areas where colleagues can go for breakout meetings, to think and relax and take a break from their cubicle.

Showing your team that you value their physical and mental well-being by providing comfortable alternatives, will lead to a positive attitude to their work, which of course has a knock-on effect for your business.

Being the boss means a lot of responsibility and there always seems to be something to think about, act upon or research. However, investing in your team is a no-brainer and providing them with a great working environment that answers all their comfort needs and goes beyond that to give space and relaxation is going to pay dividends.

These people are your greatest asset, they will help you achieve your business goals and dreams and help drive your business forward towards greatness. Take a look around you today and see if you can turn a good office into an amazing one.

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