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Making A Food Product That Promotes Cell Life

– Contributed content –

Basil, olive oil, tomatoes

(Conger Design, Pixabay)

22 June 2019. The food industry is not like it was even just 10 years ago. Now in the age of information, millions of people around the world want to know what they are putting in their bodies. It’s a fact that with smartphones and calorie counting apps, consumers want to keep track of their health and diet at all times of the day. However we are now in an era where food for the average consumer is becoming way more scientific.

People want to know what the content of the food is, such as the level of calcium, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water content level as well as acidic compounds and processed food chemicals. They also want to know what kinds of life affects the food they are eating, will have on their bodies. Many diets are fighting for supremacy but it seems like the keto diet is pulling ahead of everything else. One of the reasons why this is so is because it promotes more organic foods but without making the diet bland and boring such as the vegan method. So how could you make a product that fits in this scheme of things?

Meaty and fatty

The keto diet promotes the consumption of healthy, organic and lean meat as well as natural fats. Processed and pasteurized fats are not always the best choice for many on the keto diet because there is too much treatment to the product. Instead they want something that uses tried and tested methods of aging and cooking. Filtered smoking is something that is growing more and more popular among keto dieters but the most popular way of infusing flavor into meat products is dry curing. This allows the meat to gradually lose water content as well as allow the spices and herbs to sink deeper into the structure of the meat.

A fatty product is also something highly desired because they are constantly trying to bring up their calorie numbers. Fat has the highest amount of calories per gram than any other biomolecule. Since the keto diet is low carb, dieters have to make up most of their calories from fat instead. So before even going into the kitchen to make and test your product, you should make sure that you are making something that is either high in protein or high in fat. Preferably, you could make a product that balances the two, for example bacon and fatty beef cuts are the best of both worlds.

The benefit to cells

Anti-aging diets have really come to the fore. More and more people are starting to realize that high red meat diets are very detrimental to our health. However purely plant based diets are also not proving themselves to be healthy as the balance is totally out of kilter. We humans need both meat and plants to live a healthy and long life.

Aging and the impact our food has on it, is something consumers want to know more about. Food with high deuterium is bad for our health as it slows down the mitochondria. This means that the powerhouse of our cells which creates energy is unable to produce the energy we need to live a fulfilled life as well as speed up the process of aging.

Therefore when you are going to make a product that promotes healthy cell structure and life, you should consider running some tests using deuterium. Here you can find over 3000 deuterium labelled compounds ready to ship internationally to any business and or laboratory.

Food testing is a very complex, expensive and legally a very important part of making a food product. Using various deuterium compounds you can compare and contrast the effects of one product over another. The tests can be purely chemical or you can test them using various animals.

Sourcing the best ingredients

The best food always starts with the best ingredients and that means a business has to source form the correct people and regions. For the majority of food products quality is low in the list and value for money is top priority. However it’s been shown that the best ingredients often come from small independent businesses that are growing their products in a fresh and clean part of the countryside. This is why their organic and time consuming products are priced so highly in grocery stores. However you can start your search for the best ingredients by going to artisan stores and markets where niche products are being sold in the food industry. Various events around the world that are purely for craft products is perhaps your best best to find a potential partner.

You can inspect their methods will your own eyes as many of them will be using methods that have been in place for many years. They may also be void of machines and chemicals which are for highly processed foods. This is also a great marketing angle you can use as processed foods will increase the speed of aging which means faster cell deterioration. However you should also make sure the soil and or feed that the ingredients are eating and growing in, are also not contaminated with chemicals.

Make it understandable

Although consumers are always searching for the healthiest product, they don’t always understand which is better for them. This is why in your marketing campaign, you should clearly explain how your product is going to help keep their cell structure healthy. Prolonging their lifespan and helping the mitochondria keep spinning at a high speed, should be explained using visuals that can be in the form of a video advertisement. This will communicate the consumers why your product is going to personally have an impact on their health.

The food industry is becoming closer and closer with the science industry. Consumers want to know more about what they are eating and consequently, different diets are competing for scientific approval. The keto diet is probably the most liked because it’s known to be healthy but also is scientifically sound. Making a product that is high in fat and high in protein is the best aiming point to make a product that promotes cell life.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this post are the contributors and not those of Science & Enterprise.

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