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Infographic – U.S. Venture Funds Near 20-Year Highs

Venture investment chart

Click on image for full-size view (Statista)

19 July 2019. Total venture capital funding in the U.S. for first six months of 2019 reached levels not seen since the year 2000, the waning days of the dot-com era. According to the latest MoneyTree Report published by PWC and CB Insights, and charted by our friends at Statista in this week’s infographic, venture financiers invested $54.9 billion in the first half of this year, the highest first-half funding level since $66.4 billion invested in 2000.

The MoneyTree Report says Internet companies gained most of these venture funds since the start of 2019, bringing in $22.6 billion, followed by health care companies raising $8.8 billion and mobile/telecommunications enterprises with $5.9 billion. However, the report also shows the number of investments dropped to the lowest level since 2013, indicating larger venture deals than before. In fact, 112 deals of $100 million or more were recorded in the U.S. from January to June 2019. We’ve listed below a few of those so-called mega-deals reported by Science & Enterprise.

Our infographic appears a day early this week, since we’ll be taking a break until the end of July. We’ll have more about that in a later post today.

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