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Encrypted Private Messenger and Multi-Purpose Ecosystem

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Utopia P2P

(1984 Group)

5 Mar. 2020. Recently, the amount of information we process and transfer on the web is growing tremendously. Out gadgets, websites, and apps know what kind of music we like, what we buy online, our travel itinerary, and medical records. This input of sensitive data costs a lot and help corporations to expand their domination. Obviously, we contribute to the target ads ourselves since browsers save and analyze the history of searches. Oftentimes this inter-connectivity leads to identity thefts and online fraudulent actions. Moreover, you should be careful when committing payments online since malicious services and centralized websites are accessible to intruders. Even when we log in to your online bank using public wifi, your data can leak to hackers. How to overcome data leakage and security breaches in 2020?

Well, the answers have been found when encryption technology rolled out to publicity. Utopia P2P is an encrypted unity of must-have apps such as a private messenger, mailbox, browser, mining tool, and crypto multi-use wallet. When running these tools, you are free from annoying ads, cookies, and 24 hours tracking. Let’s investigate the details.

Five shreds of evidence the private messenger is safe

The growing amount of active users is a strong prove that emerging service is worth your attention. Why is the Utopia ecosystem a brilliant solution for privacy-focused users?

  1. Robust encryption. The encryption method the environment employs is the most clear-cut. Namely, the Elliptic curve of high speed and 256-bit AES are protecting domestic operations and data transfers. The information is passing only in the encrypted form.
  2. Decentralization. No local server is a key element for the ecosystem structure. This organization proves that third parties can’t reach the input because it’s never stored inside the system. Even the devs can’t view the internal operations and users’ data.
  3. Anonymity. All the tools are confidential and safe. This means you never attach your phone, ID, email, which serves as a user identification on popular services. There is no need to cite your name since Utopia provides users with a personal key. This set of characters is used alternatively to nicknames.
  4. Multi-purpose functions. Stay away from extra downloads and numerous apps for communication, money transfers, and web browsing. Utopia offers you the toolkit for all possible online activities, and you can arrange tools in the same window. Simply turn on the Hybrid mode and customize the view!
  5. Rewards in tokens. The domestic currency is easy to get – no special skills needed. You get the bounty for every minute you use the ecosystem and stay active. Activate the Mining bot and gain extra and easy-to-exchange money.

The toolkit – quick guidance

UtopiaP2P screen

(1984 Group)

uMessenger. The local chatting tool is a viable alternative to popular encrypted messengers. Firstly, you can exchange text messages, attachments, and view images in-app – all the data is encrypted. Secondly, this messenger encrypts group chats by design no matter how many people take part. Finally, you can entertain yourself with integrated stickers and multi-player games.

 uMail. Internal mailing service is a brilliant tool for personal use and business issues. Utopia encrypts letters which can be transmitted strictly within the platform. This principle improves safety. Also, you can arrange Templates or drafts for each type of email you write often. Ready-to-use layouts speed up mailing for maximum efficiency.

Idyll browser. The embedded browser strives to secure the internal pages viewing. Remember, you can not view the webpages hosted outside the ecosystem – only the internal sources for guaranteed safety. This browser is ad-free and never saves digital footprints. Submit your website via in-built site constructor easily – no skills and knowledge needed to contribute.

uWallet. The local financial tool serves several purposes sufficient for money exchange. Firstly, you can issue a personal card designed according to your taste. Secondly, you can transfer crypto with other users across the globe. Also, you can buy goods for crypto and organize your business by registering as a merchant. Trading has never been so easy!

To top it all, Utopia is a P2P network uniting the necessary toolkit for online life. When running the listed instruments, your Internet persona is protected against governmental tracking and espionage. Set it up and make profits.

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