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Private Messenger: Leakage-Free Personal Info

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Private messinger


19 Mar. 2020. Your privacy is constantly invaded by the websites you visit, your ISP, your school/college/employer, and even services you use like Google or Facebook.

Everything you do is being tracked. We aren’t quite sure what consequences may result out of all this data being created out of us. Some people also fear certain things like doxing, and other forms of leaks of your personal information. It is also common for corporations to sell your data for a profit, which is a complete violation of your privacy.

Demand breeds supply. A secure messaging applications allow you safely share private information with family, friends, and co-workers without compromising your data.

Before digging into the world of state-of-the-art encryption, answer the question “What does it mean for messaging to be secure?” Usually, it means that your messages are encrypted before they wave to goodbye your device. Encrypted messengers can’t be decrypted by third parties even if they are grabbed during the exchange.

Psst, no messaging app is totally fail-proof, but entrepreneurs with the trust issue would bi wise to check out these three private messengers, all of which are ideal for business and ordinary users.

Meet the top messaging services (aka heroes to all of us) trust for security.


Utopia is a peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem with a combination of top-notch and secure applications ranging from private messenger, email, and browser to e-wallet. What is the benefit of such platform? Utopia allows every Internet citizen to keep their data, be it video or article, and exchange that with anyone who join Utopia.

Using Utopia, the user remain in full control over their personal information and who has access to it and who not. I hope this great initiative will bring us closer to a decentralized society where information is belonged to individuals who created it, freedom online is provided, and improved technology will enable trustless transactions among people and enterprises.

As for the messenger, there are a classical set of features:

  1. text and voice messaging;
  2. media file exchange and storage;
  3. group chats and channels;
  4. news feed and private discussion;
  5. a unique sticker park, etc.

Utopia is only available on desktop, but it packs a punch in providing security to their clients.


San Francisco based private messenger, Wickr is pioneer in the field of end-to-end encryption. Messages are encrypted by default, and as of 2017, it is open-source.

Its advantages are:

  1. no personal data storage;
  2. self-destructing messages;
  3. video, image, audio sharing;
  4. screenshot detection.

It’s super simple to install and incredibly easy to set up. There are two forms: Wickr Me and Wickr Pro. The former is free and ideal for ordinary users, while the latter is for entrepreneurs, who pay a subscription fee.


Wire allows you and your team to communicate and exchange information easily and securely – messages, files, call or private conversations – always in context. Wire is available on any device and operating system – so you and your team can communicate or collaborate whether in the office or on the road.

Wire highlights:

  1. web client & fully-featured apps for IOS and Android;
  2. HD calling group messaging;
  3. one-click encrypted voice and video messages;
  4. secure guest room feature;
  5. messages, pictures, and documents sharing with end-to-end encryption.

The private messenger is 100% open-source and has the option of being independently tested  against current security and governance frameworks.

Private messenger: What Is the best?

There’s a ton of encrypted messaging services with a set of useful features and ultra level of security, but Utopia is really your best bet, in terms of versatile, security, and features. Wickr may be used by more individuals, and it is suitable for communication with family, friends and businessmen. Wire is certainly secure, but… Unfortunately, Wire is not as popular as Wickr, so you might have to recruit co-workers or pals to talk to.

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