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Take care of your liver !!! … Stay healthy

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Liver illustration

(Mikael Häggström, Wikimedia Commons)

31 July 2020. As we all know liver is an important part of our digestive system and helps in cleaning out the toxin of our body making the blood clean and pure. The other function of the liver is to produce bile in the body to enable us to digest food, processing medicines, and helping us to digest fat. The main function of the liver is to store glucose and produce proteins for clotting blood among all other important functions.

It generates cells up to a point while repeated damage can cause liver inflammation and a few deadly diseases like cirrhosis.

Here in this medical condition the liver gets shrink and harden. It changes the structure of the liver and gradually it ceases to function well. Usually, it has been seen that intake of high doses of alcohol, or more fat intake can cause damage to the liver. Further any viral infection like hepatitis can be a cause of the same.

We, Promethea are a prominent warrior for all liver diseases. We are committed to bring patients life-saving treatments to reduce the need for liver transplantation. Log on to to know more about us.

We are the innovators in the niche. We have experts in cell therapy research to treat your liver damage effectively against cirrhotic liver diseases. We are furnished with all advanced technology and excellence.

You will get to know about your liver damage once the damage to the liver is fairly advanced. So take appropriate care of your liver to keep it in a healthy condition.

We suggest you to take the help of a professional medical practitioner if encountered with the following signs of the liver.

Some signs your liver may be struggling are:

  1. Fatigue and tiredness, it can be a common symptom of liver damage.
  2. You may get Nausea because toxins build up in the bloodstream.
  3. The pale stool is another disability of the liver to filtering out toxins.
  4. A sign of Yellow skin or eyes accompanied by itchy sensation.

Understand the significance of the matter and act accordingly, right from today.

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