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Tools and Resources To Improve Your PR

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9 Oct. 2020. Public relations is all about how you develop your marketing efforts to improve your reputation online. It’s a highly important business process, and if done right, you can take your business to new heights. There are plenty of tools and resources that can help you to supercharge your PR efforts and improve your marketing, so let’s dive in and take a look.

1 . Mention 

Mention is a media monitoring software tool that functions to track business activities across the web. Marketers can take advantage of this tool to track the influencers who are best suited to their campaigns. Mention is also handy to monitor campaigns, and discover new opportunities for media coverage. Using Mention, you can give attention to the vital conversations which will help to grow your business. Mention is one of the most popular tools for media monitoring out there.

2 . Newswire

The Newswire software enables individuals to enhance PR efforts, by sharing stories with their audience members. It’s all about sharing the most appropriate stories, in a timely fashion, using the best channels. Newswire also includes features such as auto campaigns, media distribution, and analytics reports. You don’t need to be a PR whizz to make the most of Newswire, as it’s super simple to use.

3. Prowly

Prowly is a content tool that allows you to solicit, publish, and organize media opportunities. PR professionals will find everything they need on the Prowl app; you’ll find that the features are in two categories, ‘Brand Journal’ and ‘Audience Pitch.’ First up, you can build a newsroom in the Brand Journal; from here, you can share your content and then monitor the results with the Audience Pitch feature.

4. Muck Racks

The Muck Racks software helps PR teams to find the journalists they want for their stories. You can send out customized pitches, and collaborate with your team. Muck Rack is a top solution for both PR professionals and journalists. Features of Muck Racks include:

  • Track the news: You can send alerts sent directly to your inbox, any time that a journalist tweets or writes about your business. You can also set these alerts to mentions of your competitors.
  • Campaign reports: Using this software, you can report on virtually any campaign; Muck Rack turns your data into simple reports.

5. Elite Lawyer Management

Elite Lawyer Management is a premium PR agency and legal talent company. They represent some of the best law practices and lawyers in the USA. Elite Lawyer Management can help you with many tasks, including content marketing and publishing, speaker and appearance booking, law firm branding, tactical company development, and more. The professionals at Elite have strong relationships in law and media and can help you supercharge your PR efforts.

With the right technology and professional services on your side, you’ll be able to maximize the success of your PR campaigns and increase your ROI. It can be helpful to use storytelling as part of your PR strategies. It’s through telling stories that we can engage the emotions of our target audience, and forge a connection.

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