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Is Facebook a Good Company for Share Investments?

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9 Nov. 2021. Almost everyone on the planet knows about Facebook. It’s the world’s leading social networking platform and has billions of active users each day. That fact alone is one of the reasons why Facebook is a popular advertising option for marketers everywhere.

As you might imagine, Facebook, or rather its parent company, Meta, makes a considerable profit from people advertising on the social network. If you want to invest in a tech giant these days, Facebook is likely one of your top choices.

But should you even add it to your shortlist, or is it better to avoid investing in social networking platforms? The truth is, Facebook could be a worthy investment for a diverse share portfolio. Here’s why:

Consistent investment

One thing that attracts investors to companies is when they see a consistent investment in their brands. Meta is constantly improving Facebook’s technology and adding new features that the platform’s users will use.

With that in mind, new features and benefits will ensure Facebook’s usage will continue to grow, and so too will its value.

It’s not going away

Some tech companies come and go, but Facebook and its parent company Meta are here to stay. If you want to invest your money in long-established companies and aren’t likely to go bust any time soon, Facebook should be on your shortlist.

If you’re new to share investing, it’s worth looking at the following infographic for some handy hints and tips to get started.

Check out the latest Facebook share price

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