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U.S. Cosmetics Company Opens China R&D Center

Rouge box (Kanko/Flickr)Estée Lauder Companies Inc. in New York (ELC) is opening its Asia Innovation Center in Shanghai, China. The new center expands on the company’s research lab that opened in China in 2005. ELC has been doing business in China since 1993.

The company says the center will help develop products tailored to the needs of Chinese and Asian skin. The facility is expected to explore the genetic basis for differences in the response of human skin to environmental stressors, and study the safety and efficacy of topical botanical and synthetic materials.

“Through this collaboration, we are gaining critical consumer insights in China, closest to the most demanding consumers who have the highest expectations for beautiful skin and sophisticated, innovative skin care regimes,” says Fabrizio Freda, ELC’s president and CEO.

ELC’s Asia Innovation Center also expects to focus on the company’s Green Chemistry program, which includes the design and implementation of processes to make products more environmentally sustainable. The program examines the full life cycle of a product, from conception to end-user and beyond, and covers sustainable practices such as energy conservation, recyclable packaging, waste reduction, and limiting the amount of ingredients in product formulations.

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Photo: Kanko/Flickr

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