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New Process Integrates Cancer Lab Studies, Clinical Trials

Chemotherapy (National Institutes of Health)

(National Institutes of Health)

A joint project of National Cancer Institute (NCI), Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, and University of California at Davis plans to develop a more consistent model for integrating the results of preclinical cancer research with human clinical trials. The new process comes under NCI’s Advanced Technology Partnerships Initiative and its Center for Advanced Preclinical Research.

At present, some nine out of 10 new cancer drugs perform successfully in the lab, but then fail in human clinical testing. In this partnership, genetically engineered and human transplant mouse model studies will be integrated with clinical trial studies testing patient treatments under a more uniform and controlled testing mechanism.

Data from this integrated process are expected to help identify molecules (biomarkers) that predict conditions under which candidate drugs will be most effective. Identification of these biomarkers can help design clinical trials and improve the likelihood of treatment outcomes.

The partnership draws on particular strengths of each organization. The Center for Advanced Preclinical Research brings expertise in engineered mouse models. Jackson Lab has experience in human transplant models. And UC Davis adds its knowledge of cancer drug clinical trials and laboratory resources.

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