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Biotech, Diagnostics Companies Partner on Microbe Detection

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SDIX, a biotechnology company in Newark, Delaware and BD Diagnostics in Sparks, Maryland have agreed to collaborate on the development of systems to detect microorganisms, in a deal worth as much as $3.75 million. BD Diagnostics is a division of the medical technology company Becton Dickinson and Company in New Jersey.

The goal of the partnership is to commercialize a new system to improve the speed and accuracy of the detection of microorganisms. The companies say SDIX brings expertise in development of antibodies with BD’s background in building diagnostic systems.

One of SDIX’s antibody technologies is based on bacteriophage, more commonly known as phage, which are viruses that infect bacteria with its DNA. The infecting DNA then takes over the replicating mechanisms of the bacteria. SDIX has a patent on this technology.

SDIX will provide BD Diagnostics access to its antibody technology and a non-exclusive license to its bacteriophage technology. BD will pay SDIX a $1.25 million upfront fee. In addition, the agreement provides for up to $2.5 million in milestone payments and royalties on sales of products with SDIX’s technology. Once this system is on the market, SDIX and BD plan to have a long term agreement for the supply of antibodies from SDIX to BD.

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