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Robotic-Guided Brain Surgery Performed

Illustration of brain (NIDA)

(National Institute of Drug Abuse)

Mazor Robotics Ltd. in Caesarea, Israel says it completed three robot-guided brain surgical procedures with its technology. The nature of the procedures was not disclosed. The procedures were performed by neurosurgeons In-Se Kim and Robert Schönmayr at Horst Schmidt Kliniken in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Mazor Robotics is a developer of robotics for spinal surgery, often involving implants to correct spinal deformities and curvatures. The company says its Renaissance system has completed some 15,000 spinal implants, with no cases of nerve damage reported. The procedures in Germany were the first reported use of its technology for surgery on the brain.

The company says its technology is applicable to biopsies in the brain, shunt placements, and electrode placement such as for deep brain stimulation. Ori Hadomi, the company’s CEO says, “Brain surgeries represent a large market opportunity that is aligned with our current focus on spine. Approximately half of surgeons who currently use Mazor’s Renaissance and SpineAssist robots for spinal surgeries are neurosurgeons ….”

Regulatory clearance for the brain application is pending in the U.S. and Europe. Upon regulatory clearance, says the company, the brain application will be available as an add-on to Mazor’s Renaissance system in early 2013.

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