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Luminex Corp. Acquires Molecular Diagnostics Developer

DNA strand (


Luminex Corporation, a maker of medical diagnostics technologies in Austin, Texas will acquire Hayward, California-based GenturaDx, a developer of genomic testing systems. The $50 million deal involves Luminex purchasing all outstanding shares in the privately-owned GenturaDx.

Luminex develops and manufactures instruments, software, reagents, and assays used in clinical labs as well as in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotechnology businesses. The company’s product line includes real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing technologies for clinical and research labs. PCR is an method for analyzing short sequences of DNA or RNA, which can be applied to even minute samples. PCR is used to amplify selected sections of DNA or RNA.

GenturaDx is in late-stage development of an automated bench-top PCR testing instrument called the IDbox that it says integrates the entire process from sample preparation through amplification and detection to reporting out results. The IDbox uses GenturaDx’s closed, single-use cassette that contains all of the required testing reagents for a PCR test, and can report on multiple analytes in one pass.

Luminex says it plans to integrate the two technologies into one system for molecular diagnostic testing. The company anticipates commercial availability of a variety of assays for use with this system by early 2014. The acquisition is expected to add some $6 million to Luminex’s operating expenses in 2012.

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