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Challenge Seeks Kids’ Central Nervous System Measurements

Brain silhouettes (


A new challenge competition is looking for methods for measuring an infant’s central nervous system development that can be administered in a pediatrician’s office. The competition, handled through the open innovation company InnoCentive, has a prize of $25,000 and a submission deadline of 15 December 2012.

InnoCentive in Waltham, Massachusetts conducts open-innovation, crowd-sourcing competitions for corporate and organization sponsors. InnoCentive calls this kind of competition a theoretical challenge that requires a written proposal. The sponsor of the challenge, which is not identified, will evaluate the proposals.

Participants in the competition should describe ways to easily and reproducibly measure a young child’s central nervous system development. The sponsor expects detailed proposals of markers or measurements that provide significant advances compared to current methods.

Proposals should describe behavioral, biological, physiological, and biomarker measurement techniques to assess individual differences in the central nervous system development of infants. In addition, the measurements should be able to be administered in a pediatrician’s clinic.

To receive an award, the winners will need to transfer to the sponsor their exclusive intellectual property rights for their solutions. The sponsor may accept non-exclusive solutions with a reduced monetary award.

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