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Lab Tech Company to Release Automated Cell Research System

InQ Cell Research System (InQ Biosciences)

(InQ Biosciences)

InQ Biosciences, a developer of technologies for cell growth and research in Huntsville, Alabama, said today it will begin commercial production of its InQ Cell Research System during the first quarter of 2011. The company made the announcement at the 2010 meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

InQ says its system (pictured right) creates an automated in vitro environment for studying stem cells, as well as nerve, brain or any other cells that can be grown in a Petri dish for disease research. The system, says company president Aaron Hammons, integrates a controlled sample environment, advanced imaging, and real-time data collection.

As described by the company, the InQ system automates the cell culture process by enclosing the cells in a removable cartridge that slides into the instrument. An computer controls the mix and flow of nutritive media and gasses and regulates the temperature. A high-resolution microscope and camera record the assay and can send the images to the researcher via the Internet and smart phone.

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