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Intel Releases Smaller Solid State Storage Drive

Intel 310 Series Solid State Drive (Intel Corp.)

(Intel Corp.)

Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California announced today a new version of its solid state drive (SSD), the 310 series. Intel says the 310 series (pictured left) has performance comparable to its previous SSDs, but at one-eighth the size, measuring 51 x 30 x 5 mm, and weighing 10 grams.

A solid-state drive uses no moving parts, and thus is more durable and reliable than a mechanical hard disk drive, while using less power. The 310 series drives are available in 40 and 80 gigabyte capacities.

The company expects the 310 series drives to be used in notebooks computers, single-drive netbooks and tablets, hand-held devices, and low-power, ruggedized embedded industrial or military applications. Intel says the new SSDs can improve overall PC system performance by up to 60 percent, when paired with a high-capacity hard disk drive.

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