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Does Your Business Need A Text Service?

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4 May 2018. These days texting is the primary form of communication for most people, and we even use texting more than talking to each other a lot of the time. If you have a small business, one form of communication you may not have thought about yet is texting, but this can be a brilliant way to contact your customers. Here are some reasons you should invest in a texting service this year.

It puts you ahead of the competition

If you are in a competitive marketplace, you will likely always be fighting to rise above your competition. However by investing in a text service such as SMS API for your business you are giving yourself the edge. The simple reason for this is that people read their texts. Most people will ignore a newsletter email if it comes through, but they will not avoid a text message to their phone. You will be able to get through to your audience in a way that others can’t.

People prefer to text

If part of your marketing and sales scheme is calling up your customers to chat about your products, you will likely find that you are becoming less and less successful over the years at getting them to answer your call. The simple fact is that people don’t like talking on the phone. A phone call takes time out of their day and is disruptive whereas a text is not invasive and will get your message across without inconveniencing your audience.

People answer texts

As we touched on before, when people receive emails or phone calls from I’m a company they will usually ignore it. However, when you text someone you are showing a different side to your business, and your audience is much more likely to pay attention and reply to it. For example let’s say you want to tell your customers that your rates are going up in a few months: a text can be the perfect way to tell them this. There’s no point wasting your time trying to call people because it won’t be effective.

You may already be behind

How do you know if your competitions aren’t already using this service? If you truly want to keep up and stay ahead of the game, you need to make sure that you are able to reach your customers and prevent the competition from stealing them. You can text offers and other information to your customers in the hopes of keeping them at your side and away from the competition.

Mobile traffic is booming

It is important to remember that roughly 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile phones and devices. Everyone has a mobile phone or a tablet to their name and they will use it throughout the day to browse and take a look at things. You can take advantage by texting an offer with the link to your website, and your customers will likely click on to see what they can get.

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