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Gadgets That Could Make You Fitter

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Operating a smart watch


30 Oct. 2018. When we think of gadgets and tech devices, we usually think instantly of computers and games consoles. Not exactly the kinds of things that can help us to stay fit and healthy. In fact, there have been many different campaigns to help parents reduce their children’s screen time as it has been shown that too much sitting around playing computer games can be bad news for a child’s health.

But more and more tech companies are realizing that gadgets can actually be really handy in helping people get fit and improve their health. Here are some cool gadgets that could actually make you a much fitter individual!

The Cue device

Fitness trackers are extremely popular these days as more and more people want to know insights into their own personal fitness data. By tracking this kind of data, you will be able to come up with better workout plans and diet plans for your body’s own unique set of needs. One of the most popular trackers available at the minute is Cue. It’s a device that can help you track things like your fertility, hormone levels, and inflammation in the body for a very in-depth look at your own health and fitness.

A Garmin watch

If you enjoy running or swimming, then you might be interested in one of the watches from Garmin. These can track your activity and give you lots of stats and data about your runs and swims. Just make sure you aren’t too fixated on your watch when out there pounding the pavements – otherwise, you might end up needing to give someone like a call! What’s great about Garmin is that you will be able to follow your friends who also use similar watches, and can start some challenges against them. And nothing will get you fitter than some friendly competition.


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Just in time for National Pumpkin Day, we picked this spooky-cool watch face just for you.

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We all know that we should try to eat a little less at mealtimes, but sticking to small portions can be quite difficult. Well, that’s where comes in. It’s a smart fork that can sense how fast you are eating and how much. If it thinks you are mindlessly eating, then it will vibrate to let you know. It can also judge when you have eaten plenty and will again send you a vibration notification.

 Fitbit Aria

Even though you shouldn’t be a slave to your scales, it might still be necessary to weigh yourself every now and then to track how well you are getting on with your weight loss goals. If you want more from your scales, though, it’s worth upgrading to the Fitbit Aria. These smart scales can actually calculate your BMI for you. As well as that, it can also tell you what your body fat percentage is. The more data such as this that you know, then the easier you will find it can be to manage your weight loss targets.

As you can see, there are actually some gadgets that can help you get fit.

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