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How To Transform An Office Space

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17 Nov. 2018. The function and presentation of an office are important not only for those who visit but for the staff who work there. If the space doesn’t have the necessities required for your business, then it can certainly hinder the growth and longevity of it. Here are a few ways to pick out an office space that’s right for your business, and ways you can transform it, to maximize your company’s potential.

Consider the options

You may want to decide firstly whether you would benefit from purchasing an office for just your business or sharing an office with other companies. There can be advantages to both, but it’s dependent on what you’re after.

For example, a shared office opens new possibilities for potential collaborations and networking but having your own office keeps everything more private. Shared offices are becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility of working hours and the low cost that offices for rent are. There are even serviced offices that provide rooftop gardens, gym membership, and even a self-serving bar area. Not what you’d find in your average office right?

Before you transform a space, it has to work for your company’s needs. It’ll be harder if you go with an office that’s too small because to make any extensions, especially if it’s in a big city, will be very challenging. So choose wisely and think about how the office will be used on a daily basis and by who.

Invest in decor wisely

Having the right decor can impact how clients see you as an organization, so picking the right colors can influence your vibe. Art can help engage casual conversation and add a level of sophistication to a room. Music playing in the background can set a certain mood within the space. So it’s important to add character to the whole office in order to show off the personality of who you are as a company. Think about everything from the type of lamp shades to the color of your meeting room chairs.

Nature can also transform the room as science tells us, as humans, we naturally long to be outdoors. Certain plants can provide a cleaner atmosphere and boost happiness levels significantly. Simple things like subscribing to a bi-weekly or monthly flower service can bring that variety and pop of color to the reception areas or meeting rooms.

The layout

For staff who are spending the majority of their day within the building, will appreciate the layout of the space and this can be the case for a variety of things.


  • Natural lighting – Dull and artificial lighting is a big no-no in the workplace. Lighting contributes to productivity levels so ensure that lots of natural light are in the main areas where all of the staff work.
  • Spacious desk areas – No one likes to feel like a sardine cramped in a cubicle that has no character. Having spacious desk areas are good for mental well-being but to also allow staff to do their work properly.
  • Open plan options – Not everyone prefers an open plan space, but this can be beneficial for social interaction and feeling less confined. Of course, you may have staff members of a senior level who prefer an office as well as others who might need a quiet area, so it’s good to factor this in too.
  • Breakout areas – it’s essential that work zones are defined and that breakout areas are available for staff to enjoy on their lunch break or if they require a few minutes just to step away from their desk. When it comes to staff parties or events, these breakout areas can be perfect, so they’re multi-functional.


Buy good office furniture

The well-being of your staff should be a top priority and therefore biting good quality office furniture is going to keep the office healthy and happy. Sitting at a computer all day can be brutal on the back and the neck. So it’s important to get the right chairs and desk accessories that support the body’s health as best as possible.

Standing desks are becoming a popular trend and have many health benefits including weight loss and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. If standing desks are a little out of the price range, having a footrest and riser for PC monitors can keep the body in the right position. As a company, it’s always best to encourage regular breaks to your employees so that they can stretch and recharge the batteries.

Keep It organized and decluttered

Space can be minimalistic, or it can have a lot of character, as long as it’s organized and decluttered. It’s very easy for an office to become a bit of a dumping ground for files, paperwork, and dirty crockery. Be sure to keep on top of storage for organizing the space and keeping areas clean. Having a good filing system is important, and it’s something that should be echoed throughout the entire office. Set an example from the very top of the organization to make sure appearance is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Get inspiration from staff

Getting staff involved will not only tell them that you care about their ideas but that they hold some value and are just as important. Whether it’s through a monthly staff meeting or over a casual Friday drink, ask for their input on how to develop and improve the space. You may have a talented interior designer in your midst!

Working with employees can be an incredibly insightful experience and through this you can build strong relationships and keep the communication open between employer and employee, not just in regards to space but within everything your organization does.

Transforming a space should be done often but doesn’t have to be an expensive outgoing each time. Simply moving things around or adding in a few extra pieces can make a difference. The space you work in is important for showing off the business to clients and guest but also keeping your employees happy and productive. Both equally important in running a successful business.

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