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Overcoming Property Challenges in Construction

– Contributed content –

Home building

(Randy Fath, Unsplash)

2 Dec. 2018. Erecting a building is a grand feat, even with all of the tools which modern people have access to. Stacking stones, glass, and other materials together to create a structure which will last for years to come isn’t exactly simple, and there is loads which goes into this sort of work which you’re not likely to find out about until you get started. To help you out, this post will cover an area which a lot of people find impossible to deal with: disputes. With this in mind, your life as an investor should get a lot easier.

Land disputes

Uncovering who owns which pieces of land in an area isn’t always the easiest task. When building near existing buildings, the owners will feel like you are encroaching upon their space, making it easy for them to claim that you are crossing onto their land. The only way to win a dispute like this is by going through decade’s worth of public records. There will be charts which show you exactly where your property starts and ends, but you will have to find them.

Environmental issues

Over the last couple of decades, it’s become very apparent to property developers that they have to be careful with the environment. It’s not always easy to consider every factor in something like this, though, often triggering a huge public backlash when people decide they don’t want something harmful near them. Like land disputes, the best way to solve this is with research, as this will give you the chance to find a plot which can’t be argued with.


Making mistakes on a construction site can be extremely dangerous. People are often killed in these places, and this makes it essential that you have the right elements in place to avoid this sort of issue. You may never have to face an accident, but it will be worth being prepared in case you do, with each and every employee trained to very high standards when it comes to health and safety.

Defect disputes

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about what happens when a client thinks their building is wrong. It’s hard to build something like this perfectly, but customers don’t care about this, calling a construction attorney the moment they spot an issue. Avoiding this is a simple matter of raising your team’s standards. With the threat of being fired, though, this should be nice and simple.

Hopefully, this post will make your next build a lot easier. It can be easy to ignore the crucial elements of a job like this, leaving yourself open to issues which could have easily be avoided. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as long as you’re willing to do a little bit of research along the way. If you need further help with this, it could be worth talking to another construction company. These outfits are usually fairly small, making it possible for them to give you pointers.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this post are the contributor’s and not those of Science & Enterprise.

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